Caldwell Parish Church

Mobile Theological Library

Mobile Theological Library

About the Library

This is a Presbytery project and is being supported by Caldwell Parish Church. Books may be borrowed at any time by Caldwell congregation members by notifying interest to Paul Burgess, from whom a List of the Library’s contents may be obtained.

Programme Structure

  1. The Church’s MESSAGE: Salvation
  2. The Church’s MISSION: Witness
  3. The Church’s MOVEMENT: Discipling
  4. The Church’s MINISTRY: Nurture, Care & Worship

The Mobile Library takes readers on an illuminating walk through the diverse world of Christian faith and practice…

Note: A self-administered ‘course plan’ is available for those wishing to read progressively through the scheme.

How Are The Titles Selected?

  • Accessible level of comprehension:
    • An accessible level of reading with minimal technical language. (e.g. Billy Graham’s Peace With God)
  • Broadly Orthodox in theological stance:
    • (e.g. C.S. Lewis, John Stott, Donald Macleod & Lesslie Newbigin)
  • Both Classical & Contemporary in the year of publication:
    • Many classical works in their field by leading authors (e.g. C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity) & 70% by contemporary writers.
  • Available at a moderate price:
    • The books are generally available (second-hand in ‘Very Good’ or ‘As New’ condition on Amazon, AbeBooks or Ebay) at a reasonable price if participants wish to purchase their own copy OR if a book is lost or badly damaged (for replacement)

Note: The selection is continually updated to house the best book currently available on each topic. (There are 60+ ‘displaced’ titles available as ‘alternatives’)

Suggested Method of Study

A simple framework of personal note-taking. Answering general questions on each book.

To find out more about some of the books available, have a look at the powerpoint below.

A list of all books in the library is available, as is a Course Plan, from the Mobile Library Coordinator – Paul Burgess ( – to whom any operational questions may be addressed.