Caldwell Parish Church

What to Expect

What to Expect

When we sing worship songs, the words are projected on to our screen so anyone who wants to can join in. We do not use set sayings known as ‘liturgy’.

A newcomer recently told us they found it ‘joyful’. We’re just ordinary people, coming together to worship an extraordinary God!

After our service, there is tea and coffee available in the rear hall. Occasionally we have big ‘get togethers’ such as our summer picnic.

Our church members range from babies to great grandparents, with all ages of life well represented.

At our services someone does usually ‘preach’, giving a talk at the front. Think of this as being like a presentation. Sometimes there are stories, video clips, powerpoint slides, testimonies about what God is doing in people’s lives, sharing an insight to the bible, even jokes.. but it’s never accusatory or done in a way that intimidates anyone. The message of Christianity is one of good news and hope, not fear and condemnation. Jesus offers an invitation for people to believe in him, he doesn’t order us to believe anything: we want to do the same.

Church life is very sociable; it’s like being part of a family, there are organised social activities for all ages and regular welcome dinners for newcomers, just ask one of the elders on door duty.

No. The core message of Christianity is that God’s love is for everyone.

Of course. People sometimes need to come or go during the service. If you do want to leave, please cause minimal disruption to others, but feel free to catch the attention of the elders who will have welcomed you at the door. They will be happy to talk to you in the foyer about anything on your mind that has made you want to leave, to answer questions or to pray for you if you would like.

Whatever is comfortable. Most people wear casual clothing. A few people wear ‘Sunday best’. There is no dress code. Our main meeting room is usually quite full, so gets quite warm.

Certainly not! Church services and the children’s work are free to attend. Our church building, staff and activities are all funded by donations from our members, so we have a traditional collection at every service where gift bags are passed around, usually during a song. You are very welcome to make a contribution when you visit, but please feel no pressure or expectation that you do so. Most of our giving is received via bank payment these days, meaning even long-standing church members pass on the collection bag too.

You can join in with the singing of worship songs (words will be on the screen), or you can just enjoy listening to the songs. People usually stand when singing, but some people remain seated. After the service there is usually an opportunity to talk with someone about how the service has affected you and to receive prayer if you would like it.

The congregation will be led from the front. There are usually some notices, prayers, singing worship songs and a talk from the leader to explain some of the bible and how it can bring hope to our daily lives. After the worship, the children (from babies to teenagers) go to their own groups to hear a similar message in an age appropriate format. Services usually last an hour, with refreshments and an opportunity to chat to people afterwards.

If you have questions which haven’t been answered here, then please contact Rev Alison McBrier by email, by phoning 01560 673686 or use the contact page.