Caldwell Parish Church

Change for our future together

A Change For Our Future Together

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What's happened so far?

  • Initial Discussions at Board & Kirk Session

    After the initial proposal to remove the pews and replace with chairs, the Property Committee were tasked with obtaining rough quotes to establish a ballpark cost for the project to then report back to Board & Kirk Session.

  • Report back to Board & Kirk Session

    The Property Committee drew together a report to present to Board & Session, including ball park costs, recommended heating, seating and flooring types.

  • Agreement, in principal, to make changes

    On the 28th January 2021, it was agreed, in principle, to make changes to our sanctuary by removing the pews to create a more open worship space, which can be used for a wide range of different church and community activities.

A history of change...

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Building Opened
Caldwell Parish Church Opened

In 1889 our Church building was first opened for worship.

Chancel Redesign
Chancel Redesign

In 1934 the chancel area was fitted with oak choir stalls (now known as the Elders Communion Pews) and
a new communion table.

Manse Conversion
Creation of the Hall

In 1969 the manse at the rear was converted to a small hall for general purposes together with the upstairs rooms to accommodate crèche and other children’s activities.

Vestibule & Kitchen
Vestibule & Kitchen added to the Hall

In the 80's the Rear Vestibule, Boiler House & Kitchen were added to the Hall.

New Organ & AV System
New Organ & AV System

The 2000's saw the addition of a new Electric Organ, Projector & Screen and Sound System.

Whats Next?
Whats Next?

What will happen?

The timeline below takes you through what will happen.

Pews will be removed & replaced with comfortable, lightweight chairs.
Marmoleum floor covering laid.
A 'smart' heating system will be installed.

With some of the existing tube heaters recycled to be placed in the window ingos along with sockets on each wall.


Resulting in a bright open space with flexible seating can then be used for a variety of worship and community purposes.

We all have questions...

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Why are we making this change to our church building?

Our church opened in 1889, and was designed for the way people worshipped in the 19th century.  As the years have passed, we have adapted our building in different ways to make it more suitable for our worship and mission.  Replacing the pews with chairs will make our sanctuary much more suitable for church life in the 21st century – a more accessible, welcoming and versatile space.

Can we afford to spend this money?

Yes.  We are in the fortunate position of having in excess of the minimum required to meet our financial obligations locally and nationally.  By using our financial resources for this project we are investing in the present and future of this congregation and church.

Will this change happen before we go back to the building?

No.  We have already applied to Presbytery for permission to reopen our church building for worship, and anticipate being able to gather again for worship when the Scottish Government eases the current restrictions which prevent Sunday worship.

Will the pulpit be removed?

No.  That part of the sanctuary – pulpit, organ pipes, and the chancel area will not be affected by this project, other than by minor decorative works, and some new carpeting.  

Why don’t we just use the Mure Hall if we need space and moveable seating?

Your Minister, Board and Session believe that it is vitally important for our future as a worshipping congregation to have our own church building at the heart of this community.  A building where we can gather for worship and mission, where we can offer hospitality to others, and where we can engage in all manner of different church and community activities. 


Some other congregations have opted to use local community facilities for worship and all church activities.  They have taken out long-term regular lets of community centers and/or schools, and their church buildings have been closed and sold.  In the past that was a solution for congregations whose buildings were in a poor state of repair and for whom repairs were unaffordable.  However, as the Church of Scotland currently experiences various pressures on resources the sharing of buildings in that way is going to become more common. 


Our church building is in a great location, is in a good state of repair and we have the financial resources and willingness to act boldly in faith to ensure that we have a building which serves both congregation and community.  This project is an investment in the present and the future of Caldwell Church.

Can I keep a pew?

Yes, with a little help from a joiner.  Our shorter side pews are a better size for having at home, but as they are fixed to the wall at one end, they’ll need a bit of work to make them stand alone.  The central pews are a little long for most living rooms, but again, could be adapted.  You would just need to give us some advance notice and we’ll make sure you can have a pew of your choosing.

More questions?

If you have questions which haven’t been answered here, then please contact Rev Alison McBrier by email, by phoning 01560 673686 or use the contact form below

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What could it look like?

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What are the next steps?

  • Seek advice from General Trustees

  • Communicate & Consult with you

  • Request permission for works from General Trustees

  • Finalise quotations

  • Report back to Board & Kirk Session

  • Commence works

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